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Pamela Kyle Crossley

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013
Aula Magna

Keynote: The Paradoxical Search for Global Time

Establishing a historical clock for Eurasia and North Africa reveals a great divide with the rest of Africa, Australia, and the Americas. The better we narrate the history of Eurasia, the more tools we lose for the integration of the rest of the world.  An example: "imperialism," usually a means of weaving together a narrative linking Europe and the rest of the world, was actually a very different phenomenon in India and China than it was in island Southeast Asia, Africa and the Americas. Possible methods of recalibrating a search for a global narrative beyond the histories of material change (climate, technology and so forth): broader chronologies –all tolerating inverse relationships– of urbanization, secular rulership, popular political participation, concepts of identity, and language change, among other areas.